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3 main reasons why keeping your computer up to date is important

Most people, regardless of what operating system they use, really dread operating system updates. However, it is important to realize why keeping your computer up to date is crucial...

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10 reasons why you should always lock your computer

We at Update Faker love harmless and funny pranks, but we also believe in protecting your computer. Whenever you leave your device, you should lock it so people cannot access it without your permission...

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8 harmless computer pranks to annoy your friends

Since you are reading this article on you are already aware of one of the best ways to prank you friends, colleagues, or family. However, there are many more harmless ways to prank someone by having access to their computer...

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More than a 10 minute mail

Don't you hate it when a website requires an email confirmation? We all do, nobody likes spam. Fortunately our friends over at Muellmail have just the solution. Whenever a website requires you to confirm something via email, simply navigate to, create a temporary email address and use that email to sign up. What makes them better than other 10 minute mail providers in our opinion is the lack of the unnecessary 10 minute timeout - while you can certainly forget about it after 10 minutes - you can still decide how long to use the email you've chosen.

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