Prank friends, family or colleagues!

Update Faker

Update Faker allows you to "fake a system update", it's the perfect way to prank your friends, family members or colleagues. Especially when they're working on something rather important.
While they are away from their PC simply navigate to this website ( and click on one of the appropriate themes below. Once they arrive back at their personal computer they will almost certainly start to freak out.
You decide how long you want to let them suffer in frustration before telling them it's just a prank website.


Press F11 to maximize the browser window for full immersion. (You can press F11 again to exit fullscreen mode)
Press ENTER or spacebar for a bluescreen of death. (This will really get them worried)
Try to keep a straight face the entire time. (hold your laugh!)


We are not responsible for possible revenge actions involving your own computer ;)
A good prank shouldn't last long, and should definitely not be harmful. If you know someone is working on their life's work, then relieve that person from freaking out as soon as possible. (or consider going for another target)
Prank your boss, wife or parent(s) at your own risk. (we warned you!)


The idea behind originates almost a decade ago in an obscure Steam group chat. "Wouldn't it be funny if you could fake system updates?" That's basically all it took for this idea to take off. Still, it took quite some time (several years) before the website would actually go live. A huge thank you to Vlovsky for providing us with the code for the various fake system update screens.
You can read our complete history in detail on the history page.

Ever since the launch of we've been flooded with positive feedback from around the world both online and in real life. And everyone who's ever fallen victim to Update Faker will never leave their PC unattended again, which certainly is a good thing. You never know what bad things people are up to. This website is literally one of the least bad things that can happen to an unattended PC.
TIP: Lock your PC people. All it takes is WINDOWS KEY + L (Microsoft Windows) or CONTROL + SHIFT + POWER (Mac OS X).


Ideas including, but not limited to, "fake system update screens" are always welcome. How do you get these to us? Simply use the hashtag #updatefaker on Twitter. It'll reach us eventually. (you can also send our Facebook page a private message if that's your thing) You will always get credited, that's a promise.

We'd like to thank ryanmercer for coming up with the ideas to also include older systems like Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Windows XP. Both "fake update screens" have since then been added and have confused a fair share of people!


As of December 2020 Update Faker has its own blog!. You can expect to see articles related to Update Faker and computer pranks in general to be posted here. Make sure to check the blog every once in a while for new content!


Original Idea: Yarry
Coding: Vlovsky, Mave